Optrel E684 Welding Headshield


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Product Description

Optrel E684 Welding Headshield

– Fully automated shade level adjustment for any welding procedure in the 5-13 shade range.
– Natural-color view in the entire protection level range.
– Ultra-HD quality in classes 1/1/1/1.

Optrel‘s exclusive Adaptive Shade Autopilot automatically adjusts to the appropriate shade level as you weld. An additional brightness sensor immediately detects changes in arc intensity and adjusts accordingly. You remain perfectly protected, regardless of your current welding parameters. Manual adjustment is no longer necessary – but it‘s available at the push of a button whenever you want it.

Spare parts & accessories

  • Front cover lens (5 pcs.) 5000.212
  • Spare ADF cartridge e684 5012.480
  • Inside cover lens (5 pcs.) 5000.001
  • Adjustable headband (including sweatband and comfort band) 5003.250
  • Cotton sweatband (2 pcs.) 5004.073
  • Comfort band (2 pcs.) 5004.020
  • Breast protector, leather 4028.015

Technical Specifications

  • Fully automatic welding helmet with true colour definition, auto darkening filter with shade level range of 5 – 9 / 9 – 13
  • Shade level (SL) SL 4/5-13
  • Autopilot Adaptive shade autopilot for the range of SL 5 – 13 with the option of an individual calibration of +/- 2 shade levels.
  • Manual mode Infinitely variable outside operability for two shade ranges, SL 5 – 9 and 9 -13.
  • Sensitivity Infinitely variable, newly with “Super High” sensitivity setting range.
  • Grinding mode Shade level 4
  • Twilight technology Patented delay time control to open the Auto Darkening Filter, adjustable from 0.1 to 2.0 seconds.
  • Dimension of ADF ( Auto Darkening Filter) 90x110x7mm / 3,55×4,33x 0,28” 50x100mm / 1,97×3,94” (Viewing area)
  • Power supply solar cells, 2pcs LI-batteries 3V exchangeable (CR2032)
  • Operating time batteries approx. 3000 hours (operating)
  • Sensors
    Three sensors.
    Adjustable arc detection angle by means of a sensor slider.
  • Eye protection Ultraviolet/infrared protection maximum at any shade setting
  • Switching time
    light to dark 0,170 ms at room temperature
    0,110 ms at 55°C / 131°F
    From dark to light 0.1s to 2.0s with patented twilight technology
  • Classification EN 379
    Optical class 1
    Scattered light 1
    Homogeneity 1
    Angular dependence 1
  • Classification EN 166 Front cover lens B
  • Classification EN 166 Inside cover lens F
  • Classification EN 175 Helmet shell B
  • Shape stability
    Welding mask up to 220°C / 428°F
    Front cover lens up to 137°C / 279°F
  • Protection for ADF Spherically shaped front cover lens with patented seal, which makes it suitable for overhead welding.
  • Operating temperature -10°C to + 70°C / 14°F to 158°F
  • Storage temperature -20°C to + 80°C / -4°F to 176°F
  • Weight 500g / 17,637 oz
  • Standards CE, ANSI Z87.1, AS/NZS, EAC, complies with CSA Z94.3
  • Warranty 2 years from date of sales for manufacturing and material defects (except batteries)


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