Multistrike Tungsten 1.6mm Pack of 10


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Product Description

Guaranteed Quality with Traceability

Techweld® MultiStrike®Tungsten Electrodes consist of a unique blend of dopants to allow them to perform at high, low and medium current ranges with TIG (GTAW) welding of steels, nickel and cobalt based materials, as well as titanium and aluminium alloys.

This unique blend of dopants greatly enhances electrode life by significantly increasing the number of arc strikes before re-grinding is necessary, generating an up to 10 times better performance from MultiStrike® Tungstens compared with thoriated tungsten electrodes.

In the photographs on the right you see a conventional 2% thoriated tungsten electrode after 10 arc strikes and on the right you see the Techweld® Multistrike® Tungsten Electrode after 200 arc strikes.

No Radio-Toxic Contents

Those who are uncertain of the true effects of red tipped thoriated tungsten electrodes can look at these measurements made by a radiation monitor. The difference in the readings can be seen clearly. Red tipped thoriated tungsten electrodes have over 60 times greater radiation output than the normal level existing in the environment.

MultiStrikes Tungsten Electrodes Multi Strikes non Thoriated Tungstens. Ask your health and safety department to measure the radiation output from 10 packs of thoriated tungstens together. They should have a monitor that will show you a similar result.

Recognising the risk to health posed by the radiotoxic red tipped thoriated tungsten electrodes, we have developed MultiStrike® Tungsten Electrodes that are free from the potentially harmful thoria.

The red tipped thoriated tungsten contain thorium, a naturally occurring radioactive element incorporated into tungsten welding rods by a sintering process to improve their working properties. Thorium is a highly radiotoxic material and the main hazard is associated with inhalation of dust particles generated during tip grinding.

The radioactive meter tests, which show the radiation levels of 60 units or more for thoriated tungstens also shows that MultiStrike® Tungsten Electrodes produce near to a zero radiotoxic level because of the mix of non-radioactive rare earth elements.

Whether you are an employer who is looking after the Health and Safety of your employees and others, or if you are a welder concerned about the carcinogenic effects of conventional thoriated tungsten electrodes, you may wish to consider the safer alternative, Techweld® MultiStrike® Tungstens (MST).

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