Migatronic Automig 300 Pulse Single


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Product Description

Migatronic Automig 300 Pulse Single

Synergic welding machine designed for auto repair.
Reliable MIG/MAG welding machines designed for repair work in the automotive industry. Tested and trusted by professionals. With all features and functions needed for auto repair welding.

  • Pulse MIG/MAG welding and MIG brazing
  • User-friendly – speeds up your work process
  • Advanced welding functions such as double pulse
  • Delivers clean and strong welds

Bravely taking on the great responsibility for auto repair
Automig is a synergic inverter welding machine designed for auto repair. It fully lives up to carmakers’ standards for welding and brazing processes in high-tensile steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Mechanics and sheet metal workers in all sorts of body shops will be able to deliver great welds with an Automig.Clean and strong welds are vital for maintaining the integrity of any vehicle after repairs.

Automig features all functions and welding programs needed for correct processing of e.g. high-tensile steel and aluminium. Correct processing ensures that car repairs will not unnecessarily worsen the corrosion resistance of the material.

The processes MIG-brazing, pulse and double pulse all join materials at lower temperatures compared to traditional MIG/MAG-welding. That gentle processing keeps the materials strong.


Choose up to 300 amps if you need to meet the highest standards for joining processes in the car repair industry. Choose a DUO or TRIO version for easy switch-over between welding and brazing operations without having to change hose, wire, wire drive rolls and gas.


Technical Specifications

Current range15-300 A
Mains voltage +/- 15 %3 × 400 V
Minimum generator size16 kVA
Duty cycle 100 %/20 °C (MIG)250 A/26.5 V
Duty cycle 100 %/40 °C (MIG)200 A/24.0 V
Duty cycle 60 %/40 °C (MIG)260 A/25.5 V
Duty cycle max./20 °C (MIG)300 A/60 %/29.0 V
Duty cycle max./40 °C (MIG)300 A/20 %/29.0 V
Open circuit voltage50-60 V
Protection classIP 23S
StandardIEC60974-1. -5. -10. Cl. A
Dimensions (H × W × L)838 mm × 443 mm × 1003 mm
Weight49 kg


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