Gouging – ELIT CUT Electrode (4.0mm ) 0.5kg


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Product Description

GrabPak is a handy and convenient way of supplying customers with just the right amount of electrodes for any small jobs in the home or workplace. Designed to increase sales through the presentation of our popular welding consumables in a rotating stand with full colour coded 0.5kg packaging.

Good for cutting or in drilling metals that cannot be oxygen cut or drilled. Good resistance against high value of current. Electrode must be held perpendicular to the work direction.

Features and Applications

Usability in cutting, or in drilling all metals that cannot be oxygen cut or drilled

Resistance against high values of current at welding

Electrode must be held perpendicular to work direction

Ideal for cutting non-alloyed and low alloyed steels, stainless steels, aluminium and aluminium alloys, copper and copper alloys, cast-iron and steel casts

Current Type
D.C.(-) / A.C.

Welding Positions

Operating Data
Diameter x Length (mm)Welding Current (A)Package
Weight (Kg)
No. Pieces Approx
3.20 x 350

4.00 x 350

160 – 240

130 – 160





Technical Specifications


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