F-Tech 500 Amp Water Cooled Fume Extraction Torch 4 Metre


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Product Description

Giving the user maximum extraction efficiency at the welding source

The F-Tech range of Fume extraction torches are manufactured in Europe and offer a choice of air and water cooled fume torches in 3, 4 and 5 metre with euro fitting.

Key Features

  • Direct extraction at the arc to reduce the welder’s exposure to hazardous welding fumes
  • Simple extraction control at the front of the handle
  • Lightweight and well balanced design for user comfort
  • Patented optimal torch cooling – high durability
  • The torch is ready to use for easy connection to the welding machine and extraction unit

Technical Specifications

F-Tech 500A Water Cooled Fume Extraction Torch

  • 4 Metre – Water Cooled – Euro Connection
  • 500A @ 80% Duty Cycle
  • Extraction Rate 70m³/h
  • 0.8mm – 2.4mm Wires


F-Tech Fume Extraction 500 Amp Torch Breakdown

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