ESAB G-Tech Handy II Tungsten Grinder 240V


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Product Description

The G-Tech Handy II is a portable enclosed Tungsten Electrode grinder, which is easy to operate. The Tungsten electrode can be ground without using a holder or tool. The grinding head can be adjusted in three different positions: 0, 1 and 2. In each position another part of the grinding disc will be used, and both sides of the disc can be utilised, giving extended use and reduced cost. The G-Tech Handy II features a multifunctional cover, which allows the electrode to be ground in a 90° angle. The machine is prepared for fixing to a table using the accessories included. The G-Tech Handy II is delivered complete for grinding of tungsten electrodes in the dimension of 1,6 ‹ 2,0 – 2,4 – 3,2 mm. A head for grinding of 1,0 ‹ 4,0 ‹ 4,8 ‹ 6,0 mm electrodes can be supplied as an option. The G-Tech Handy II features: Ergonomic Design & Lightweight Adjustable Grinding Angles (20° – 60°) Double Sided Grinding Disc ‹ Coated with Diamante Powder Allows Exact Repetition of Longitudinal Grinding Can be Connected to a Vacuum Cleaner Option: Orbital-Set for Grinding of Short Tungsten-Electrodes with a length up to 15mm Max

Technical Specifications


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