Zirconiated 0.8% Tungsten 3.2mm – White Tip Pack of 10


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Product Description

This TIG tungsten is alloyed with zirconium oxide (zirconia) and is preferred for AC TIG welding when the highest quality work is necessary and where even the smallest amounts of weld pool contamination cannot be tolerated. This is accomplished because the zirconium alloyed tungsten produces an extremely stable arc which resists tungsten spitting in the arc.

The current carrying capability is equal to or slightly greater than an equal sized cerium, lanthana or thorium alloyed electrode. Zirconium electrodes are typically used only for AC welding with a balled end.

The tungsten electrodes come in a variety of diameters and you would select the appropriate diameter for the current to be used and type for the process mode. To physically identify the tungsten type the end is dipped with a colour.

Take care to grind the non coloured end for welding.

Technical Specifications

Zirconiated 0.8% Tungsten Electrodes

1/8″ x 6″ (3.2 x 150mm)

White Tip


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