ESAB Welding Helmets

ESAB Welding Helmets


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ESAB Aristo Tech HD 5-13 Welding Helmet

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products introduces the Aristo® Tech HD welding helmet, its first auto-da..

£185.00 (ex.VAT)

ESAB Globe-Arc Fixed Shade Helmet

The Globe-Arc is a unique design in flip-front welding and grinding helmets. The visor provides e..

£69.67 (ex.VAT)

ESAB Sentinel A50 Headshield

 ** 3 YEAR WARRANTY **Years of welding have trained you to know exactly what you need in a hood..

£189.00 (ex.VAT)

ESAB Warrior 9-13 Helmet

The WARRIOR Tech helmet has been designed to meet the needs of a variety of welders, providing a h..

£69.00 (ex.VAT)

ESAB Leather mask

 This leather mask can be used when there is not enough space for welding with an ordinary weld..

£91.38 (ex.VAT)