Weld Star Mig Double Pulse 350A LCD c/w Trolley & Storage Box


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Product Description

Weld Star Mig Double Pulse 350A LCD c/w Trolley & Storage Box

The Weld Star Infinium inverter multi process machine has been designed to incorporate the most advanced features and technology offering the operator a user friendly interface via the 4″ LCD screen. Available as a stand alone air cooled package or fitted to a trolley with either a water cooler or storage box.

  • Advanced IGBT multi process inverter which is lightweight and compact.
  • Many user functions such as accurate preset current and voltage adjustment, Pulse, 2T/4T and spot operation trigger modes, synergic mode, gas selection, wire diameter selection, electronic inductance adjustment and on-demand fan are available.
  • With synergic MIG, welding parameters can be automatically selected based on material thickness and voltage with synergic curves for common materials and wires.
  • Job mode which allows the operator to save and recall 100 jobs within its memory.
  • Designed for gas and gasless MIG welding wires.
  • MIG Spool Gun connectivity.
  • Built in TIG welding features such as Lift TIG, pre/post gas times, 2T/4T, slope up/down and pulse, all to ensure excellent TIG welding characteristics.
  • Built in hot start arc ignition function which ensures excellent arc ignition in MMA for easier and more reliable arc starting with built in self adaptive arc force technology which maintains the optimum MMA arc conditions during operation even with long welding cables
  • DC MMA suitable for a wide range of electrodes in MMA
  • In-built VRD
  • Auto compensation for mains voltage fluctuation with automatic protective functions including over-current, overload etc.

Welding processes include:

  • MIG/MAG Synergic
  • MIG/MAG Pulse
  • MIG/MAG Double Pulse
  • MIG/MAG Standard
  • MMA DC

Welder package includes:

  • T360-4 4mtr MIG Torch
  • Gas Regulator
  • Gas Hose
  • Work Return Lead and Clamp
  • Trolley
  • Tool Box Drawer


Technical Specifications

  • Input Voltage AC 400V ±15% 50/60Hz
  • Ieff (A) MIG 11.3 MMA 12.4 TIG 9.3
  • Input Power (kVA) MIG 7.8 MMA 8.6 TIG 6.5
  • Current Range (A) MIG 20 – 350 MMA 10 – 350 TIG 10 – 350
  • No-Load Voltage (V) MIG 72 MMA 14 TIG 14
  • Duty Cycle @ 40°C 350A @ 30%
  • Efficiency (%) 85
  • Idle State Power (w) 25
  • Power Factor 0.7
  • Protection/Insulation Class IP23/H
  • Wire reel weight/spool size 5kg / 200mm and 15kg / 300mm
  • Dimensions (LxWxH mm)
    Air Cooled: 660 X 250 X 425
    Water Cooled: 1200 X 380 X 600
  • Weight (Kg)
    Air Cooled: 27.9
    Water Cooled: 48.0


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