Ultima Soft Deerskin Tig Gloves XL


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Product Description

Ultima Soft Deerskin Tig Gloves

This innovative new Tig glove is made from incredibly high-quality Deerskin leather and when it comes to providing protection and warmth to your hands there is no material that can match Deerskin Leather. It provides a very comfortable fit by Moulding to your hand and yet allows greater flexibility and durability than other leathers.

These gloves are fashioned from Natural USA Deerskin Leather – a remarkably strong and durable, yet soft, supple and flexible material which offers improved feel and incredible comfort.
Deerskin Leather is also cooler in the summer, yet warmer in the winter, and remains soft even after being wet!

This glove also benefits from being sewn with Kevlar® thread to enhance durability and features an additional side patch on the small finger to resist abrasion.

Technical Specifications


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