Tyrolit SCM 115mm Coarse Brown Disc


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Product Description

Thanks to the quick and high stock removal rate, applications such as the reduction of surface roughness, removal of discoloration, smoothing of surfaces and the cleaning and removal of weld seams can be realised. Another advantage of SCM lies in the deburring of tool edges without additional stock removal. Furthermore, the TYROLIT SCM program is yielding the best results in terms of lifetime, which in turn is evidence of the economic efficiency of these products.


  • For reducing surface roughness, removing paint residues, smoothing surfaces, cleaning and removing welding seams and for deburring edges.

We Recommend

  • Use on adjustable angle grinders
  • EXTRA COARSE/EXTRA MEDIUM grain for cleaning, for removing rust and burrs and for minimal stock removal
  • COARSE grain for cleaning, for removing rust and coatings and for final finishing
  • MEDIUM grain for gentle cleaning, for removing burrs and for final finishing
  • VERY FINE grain as the final step


Technical Specifications


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