Tyrolit Ball Shape 10×9-6×53 Tungsten Carbide Burr


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Product Description

Tungsten Carbide Burr for Cast Iron, Steel and Stainless Steel

Production of the TYROLIT PREMIUM burrs is performed on modern CNC grinding machines. The result is a highly efficient precision tool that achieves optimum grinding results. With this tungsten carbide burr you can achieve the longest lifetimes when used on practically any material. By choosing the right machine, the correct revolutions per minute and operating speed, and the appropriate cutting and tooth profile, you will pave the way for PREMIUM results.


  • For demanding work on cast iron, steel and stainless steel.
  • For universal grinding tasks with hand operated pneumatic or electric machines and industrial robots in difficult-to-reach places.


  • Maximum lifetime thanks to specially developed cutting edge geometry.
  • Abrasive cutter profile is especially long-chipping and delivers maximum stock removal on almost all materials.
  • Reduced generation of heat protects the cutter and work piece.

We recommend

  • Choice of appropriate machine for perfect results.
  • Note right RPM and working speed as well as suitable burr- and tooth shape. 


Technical Specifications


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