TS 2×280 EVO Multi4 CC/CV Diesel Welder Generator

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Product Description

Key Features

  • D.C. Arc welding source multi-process
  • Two independent welding output, each 250A
  • Single output 500A
  • VRD function
  • Digital setting of welding parameters
  • Arc force and multi-process parameters setting
  • Digital Ammeter and Voltmeter: presetting or welding parameters
  • A.C. generator, single-phase and three phase available while welding
  • Digital engine control and management module
  • Auto Idle
  • Bunded Base
  • Base with forklift pockets
  • Canopy suitable for stacking up max 2 machines
  • Single point lifting eye
  • Large access for engine maintenance
  • Meets EC directives for noise and safety


Technical Specifications

C.C. Welding (Constant Current) SMAW (stick)/GTAW (TIG)

Current range, continuous: 20 ÷ 210A

Duty Cycle: 210A – 60%, 180A – 100%

Open Circuit Voltage: 65V


C.C. Welding (constant Current)  GMAW (MIG)/FCAW (Flux Cored) CV (Constant Voltage)

Current Range: 15 ÷ 30V

Duty Cycle: 210A – 60%, 180A – 100%


A.C. Generation – 50Hz – Three Phase Asynchronous Alternator, Self-Regulated, Self-Exciting, Brushless

Single-phase power: 5 kVA (4kW)/230V/21.7A

Insulation Class: H


Engine – Petrol, 4-stroke, Ohv, Air Cooled 

Model: Yanmar L 100N

Output: 6.5kW (8.8HP)

Cylinders/Displacement: 1/435cm³ 

Speed: 3000 rpm

Fuel Consumption (welding 60%): 1.0 l/h


General Specifications  

Tank Capacity: 23 litres

Running Time (welding 60%): 23 hours

IP Protection Degree: IP 23

Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 1020x645x930

Dry Weight: 230Kg

Acoustic Power LwA (pressure LpA): 91 dB(A) (66dB(A) @7m)






Technical Specifications – Sales Information

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