TECFEED 450i Arc Voltage Inline Wire Feeders – 15kg Reel


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Product Description


TECFEED feeders are constructed in a strong reinforced molded case to give a fully enclosed wire feed unit which is sealed against the elements. Rugged construction & excellent portability make these models perfect for all site welding applications in even the harshest of environments. TECFEED standard size models take 300mm 15kg spool sizes, the compact versions are designed to take 200mm 5kg spool sizes. All models are fitted with a heavy duty British made contactor to allow welding up to 250A, 350A or 450A depending on model. All models allow straight polarity (standard MIG/MAG with gas) or reverse polarity (for gas less MIG).

All models are suitable for any type of MMA/stick or CC/CV output DC welding power source & can be used for MIG/MAG with gas or with self shielding wires.

TECFEED 250i – 250 amps rating, 2 roll wire drive – available in standard 15kg or compact version for 5kg

TECFEED 350i – 350 amps rating, 4 roll wire drive – available in standard 15kg or compact version for 5kg

TECFEED 450i – 450 amps rating, 4 roll wire drive – available only standard 15kg size, fitted with our largest contactor for the heaviest jobs.

Functions & features for all models;

  • Gas solenoid fitted.
  • Heavy duty contactor fitted for non live torch.
  • 2T/4T torch trigger latching function.
  • Adjustable burn back control.
  • Wire inching switch.
  • Torch Euro connection.

Simple connection to any power source just plug in one welding cable to the rear of the wire feeder, the other polarity connect to your work piece. Clip on a volts ref wire from feeder to the work piece & get welding!

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