T186-500 Carver Standard-Duty Rack Clamp 50cm


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Product Description

The Carver Standard-Duty Rack Clamps have many uses. The most common include welding, metal fabrication, moulding box and die holding, plate fabrication, plastic and fibreglass moulding and maintenance work.

Its features include a unique anti-spatter shield to prevent the clamp-adjusting screw from weld spatter damage. The clamp’s spring-loaded jaw stays in position when pressure is removed, yet the design still allows the jaw to move to securely clamp angled surfaces. Aside to this any tightening actions will not rotate the work piece giving you complete control.

The Carver T186-500 Standard-Duty Rack Clamp has the following specifications:

  • Capacity: 500mm (20in)
  • Reach: 60mm (2.3/8in)
  • Overall Length: 640mm (25.1/8in)
  • Clamping Force: 11,300N
  • Weight: 2.5kg

Technical Specifications


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