Spot Welder 7900 2kVA c/w Timer 230V


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Product Description

Key Features

• Lightweight professional spot gun for car body repair.
• Synchronous built-in electronic timer with SCR from 2 to 65 cycles.
• Compensation circuit starts the timer only when there is a proper passage of current which enables to perform on oxidised sheets, on surfaces with paint residues or on black sheets.
• All transformer are coated with F class insulation material that does not dry out and become brittle.
• Tests are made using 4000V.
• Force adjustment with scale in daN.
• Additional arm couplings to provide larger opening between arms.
• Supplied complete with 125mm arms.
• Large choice of arms and electrodes.

2KVA c/w Timer 230V, 3.8m Mains Cable, 3501 Arms (125mm)

Technical Specifications

Synchronous timer with SCR
Time adjustment cycles 2-65
Cooling Air
Supply voltage 50Hz V 230
Nominal power at 50% kVA 2
Maximum welding power kVA 13
Short circuit current kA 7.2
No load secondary voltage V 2.3
Insulation class F
Cables section for L<15 m mm2 2.5
Delayed fuses A 16
Standard arms throat depth L mm 125
Max. electrode force w/short arms daN 120
Arms gap mm 96
Max. electrodes stroke mm 55
Aerial noise produced dB(A) <70
Level of vibrations m/s2 <2.5
Measure conditions
Welding time cycles 14
Welding current kA 5
Working rating in welds/min 2
Mains cable length m 3.8
Net weight with arms 125mm Kg 10.5
Net weight with arms 500mm Kg 13
Max. thickness on mild steel
with arms 125mm mm 2 + 2
with arms 250mm mm 1.8 + 1.8
with arms 500mm mm 1.2 + 1.2


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