Welders Clothing

Welders Clothing


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ESAB Proban Hood

Flame resistant head protection which cover not only the head but also the neck, nape and shoulde..

£17.43 (ex.VAT)

ESAB Proban/Leather Trousers

The ESAB Proban/Leather trousers are designed for maximum comfort and safety. The front of the legs ..

£64.33 (ex.VAT)

ESAB Proban/Leather Welding Jacket

The ESAB Proban/leather jackets are designed for maximum comfort and safety. The sleeves and shoulde..

£64.30 (ex.VAT)

ESAB Welding Jacket

ESAB Welding jackets are made of high quality leather. The front is reinforced in order to withstand..

£69.95 (ex.VAT)

Panther Apron c/w Buckle & Ties

Offers protection from sparks and heat generated from welding & industrial application &..

£16.44 (ex.VAT)

Panther Leather Sleeve Pair

Panther Leather SleeveOffers Protection For Clothes and Arms From Sparks and Heat Generated From Wel..

£11.95 (ex.VAT)

Panther Leather Welding Jacket

Worn Over Garments To Protect Body and Arms From Sparks and SpatterStand Up CollarAdjustable WristsI..

£35.00 (ex.VAT)

ESAB Balaclava One Size

The balaclava is worn underneath the welding helmet to shelter you from the cold when working in a c..

£20.20 (ex.VAT)

Weldas 44-2106 Welding Spats

 Golden Brown split cow leather welding spats (pair) Side split cow leather Leather thickn..

£15.50 (ex.VAT)

Weldas TIG Finger

TIG Finger made of silica fiber and hook and loop material. ..

£9.99 (ex.VAT)