Oerlikon Supranox RS 316L ARC VPMD x 4.0mm Vac Pack


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Product Description

A rutile stainless steel stick electrode range (-16 / -17). Adapted for joining duplex (ferritic-austenitic) to standard austenitic or ferritic stainless steels. SUPRANOX range, offers you also electrodes for dissimilar joining, buffer layer or repairs. The range provides you an excellent bead shape with a perfect slag removal.

Product Advantages

  • A wide range of stainless steel.
  • Sustained and high quality fusion with a very low welding current setting.
  • Excellent operator appeal.
  • Very good slag removal.

SUPRANOX, a perfect stainless steel joining!

Full range of stainless steel stick electrodes for all applications: joining, dissimilar joining, buffering, repairs… Whatever the application you will find the adapted stick electrode in SUPRANOX range. A simple naming rule will also help you to find the most adapted stick electrode:

Technical Specifications


Supranox 316L Sales Literature

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