Oerlikon Fincord M 2.5mm x 350mm Packet


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Product Description

Fincord M is excellent in the overhead position and for fillet welding in the horizontal-vertical position. For all light construction work including pipework.

Product Advantages

  • FINCORD electrodes are chosen due to it‘s welding behaviour.
  • Suited for less trained welders.
  • Don’t require a re-baking prior to welding.
  • FINCORD electrodes slag is self detaching.

Rutile electrodes can be selected for different applications and aspects. These criteria’s are: Bead aspect; vertical down weld-ability; unclean work-piece; Re-striking (for tacking and short bead); gap preparation.
Choose the right FINCORD depending on your needs.

Technical Specifications


Fincord M Sales Literature

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