Migatronic Sigma Core 400 S Watercooled


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Product Description

Sigma Core is a simple welding machine with the core functions you need to weld – also at high amps. It is ideal for welders who demand simplicity in advanced welding. Use it for welding steel structures, prefabrication and thick plates in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Uncomplicated and effortless
In Sigma Core, you get the most necessary options you need to produce great welds. No complicated software or unnecessary gadgets. Any welder, no matter the level of experience, will have no trouble adjusting the Sigma Core and start welding right away.

Minimising the technology gap
Sigma Core minimises the gap between earlier generation welding machines and modern day welding technology. It does so by offering an improved arc, which again improves weld quality. It is a more energy efficient solution that consumes less power and gas for an optimised production. Add the optional function Intelligent Gas Control to your Sigma Core and reduce your gas consumption even further.

Great welding performance
The high duty cycle enables you to weld for many hours without any decrease of currents or compromising weld quality. A team of welders can keep productivity level at an absolute maximum.

A cost-effective solution
Great welding performance and modern day welding technology ought to be accessible for all kinds of welding productions. Large and small. High-tech or not. It calls for a cost-effective solution.

Technical Specifications

Current range (MIG), A15-400
Mains voltage +/÷ 15% (50-60Hz), V3 × 400
Fuse, A20
Mains current, effective, A17.5
Mains current, max., A26
Power, 100%, kVA12.1
Power, max., kVA18
Open circuit voltage, V65-70
Open Circuit Power, W12
Power factor0.90
Duty cycle 100% /20°C (MIG), A/%/V345/100/31.5
Duty cycle max. /20°C (MIG), A/%/V400/65/34
Duty cycle 100% /40°C (MIG), A/%V300/100/29
Duty cycle 60% /40°C (MIG), A/%V370/60/32.5
Duty cycle max. /40°C (MIG), A/%/V400/50/34
Application classS/CE
Protection classIP 23
StandardsIEC60974-1. -10 Cl. A
Dimensions C (H x W x L), mm700 × 260 × 735
Dimensions S (H x W x L), mm454 × 260 × 735
Weight C, kg52
Weight S, kg35


Migatronic Sigma Core 400S Data sheet 



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