JEI Minibeast Cordless incl. 4.0Ah Battery


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Product Description

The JEI MiniBeast™ Cordless is a battery-operated, compact magnetic drilling machine designed to drill holes with a diameter up to 36mm (1 7/16″)with annular cutters. With twist drills the MiniBeast™ Cordless can also drill holes with a diameter of up to 12mm (0.47″). This compact drilling machine is also equipped with a LED monitoring system that generates signals in green and red to indicate the current condition of the drill and give safety information.


  • Compact and powerful – lightweight at 11.5kg (incl. 4.0Ah Battery & Charger).
  • Self-correcting slide rails – for maintenance free operation.
  • Fully compatible with CAS battery units.
  • Equipped with LED monitoring system – Indicates operating performance of the machine and provides safety information when magnet not adequately engaged to material.
  • Overload protection – prevents misuse of the machine.
  • Tilt sensor – to stop the motor if the machine breaks away from the surface whilst in operation.
  • Energy saving magnetic base uses only 50% of it’s power when motor is not running.


  • 2-stage over-discharge battery protection system
  • Extended battery life
  • High level of safety for both cordless drill and operator

Detection and supervised parameters:

  • Too low and too high power
  • Too low and too high temperature
  • Failure of the temperature sensor
  • Internal battery failure

Technical Specifications

  • Model MiniBeast™ Cordless
  • Weight with 4.0Ah Battery 11.5 kg
  • Max Stroke 70mm
  • Cutter Capacity 36mm x 2” Depth of Cut
  • Twist Drill Capacity 12mm with optional Turbo™ Twist Drill
  • Motor 450 W
  • Height Min/Max 330mm / 370mm Inc. Carry Handle
  • Minimum Workplace Thickness 6mm
  • Length x Width 316mm x 235mm
  • RPM 300 RPM (under load)
  • Magnetic Base Dimensions 80 x 160mm
  • Magnet Deadlift (on 25mm plate) 866 kg on 1” Plate (8500N)
  • Noise Level <90dB
  • Vibration Level <2.5 m/s2
  • Voltage 18v DC
  • Part No. DRILL-MBC
  • Shipping Weight (Incl. 4.0Ah Battery) 15.65 kg
  • Shipping Dimensions 700 x 460 x 190 mm


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