Jasic TIG 200P Digital AC/DC Tig Welder

Jasic TIG 200P Digital AC/DC Tig Welder

 Jasic TIG 200P Digital AC/DC TIG Welder

Key Features:

  • TIG Pulse AC/DC with digital control 

  • Easy to use, intuitive control panel

  • Pre-post flow time, up/down slope

  • Pulse frequency, pulse duty, arc force, clean width

  • AC function for aluminium and aluminium alloys

  • DC TIG function for carbon steel, stainless, copper and non-ferrous metals

  • Smooth arc and stable welding performance

  • Program memory storage

  • Remote control interface

  • Pulse adjustment

  • Digital display  


Complete with:  

  • TIG torch & adaptor

  • Gas regulator

  • Work return lead & clamp  




  • Brand: Jasic
  • Product Code: JT-200D
  • Availability: In Stock
Technical Specification   

  • £1,008.00
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