Jasic TIG 200P AC/DC Digital Pulse Inverter Welder Water Cooled Package


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Product Description

Jasic TIG 200P AC/DC Digital Pulse Inverter Welder Water Cooled Package

The Jasic 200P Pulse AC/DC is a technologically advanced single phase inverter power source suitable for medium production work. The innovative and user friendly digital control panel allows full control of welding parameters. The excellent technical characteristics of the 200 AC/DC make it an ideal choice for professionally qualified TIG welders that require precise and reliable performance.

  • TIG Pulse AC/DC with digital control
  • 43 KHz inverter frequency and strong shock resistance IGBT
  • Program memory storage
  • Peak current control, 2T/4T
  • Pre-post flow time, up/down slope
  • Pulse adjustment
  • Pulse frequency, pulse duty, arc force, cleaning width
  • Remote control interface
  • AC function for aluminium and aluminium alloys
  • DC TIG function for carbon steel, copper and non-ferrous metals
  • Smooth arc and stable welding performance
  • Heavy duty 35/50 dinse sockets
  • MMA remote capability
  • VRD Function
  • AVR generator friendly

Inverter Package Includes
AC/DC TIG welding inverter power source, TIG welding torch & adaptor, Gas regulator, Earth return lead, Operating instructions.

Jasic Foot Control JFC-08

Technical Specifications

  • Input Voltage AC 230V – 50/60 Hz
  • ​Ieff(A) TIG 16A & MMA 17A
  • ​Input Power (kVA) 6.9
  • Current Range (A) MMA 10 – 160 & TIG 5 – 200
  • ​Duty Cycle @ 40°C MMA 160A @ 30% & TIG 200A @ 25%
  • ​No-Load Voltage (V) 65 (VRD – 7V)
  • ​Protection/Insulation Class IP21S/B
  • ​Dimensions (L x W x H mm) 940 x 420 x 1130
  • ​Weight (Kg) 70


Jasic TIG 200P Sales Literature Jasic TIG 200P Manual

Jasic TIG Selection Guide            Trolley Assembly Instructions

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