Jasic EVO 2.0 Handheld Remote Control (Wireless)


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Product Description

Jasic EVO 2.0 Handheld Remote Control (Wireless)

Suitable MIG Machines EM-160C / EM-200C / EM-200CT / EM250CT

Remote Control Function:
On MIG non-synergic mode: adjust wire feeding speed and welding voltage.
On MIG synergic mode: adjust welding current, and welding voltage
On Lift TIG mode: Adjust welding current

Suitable TIG Machine: ET-200 / ET-200P ET-200P ACDC

Remote Control Function:
adjust welding current
DC pulse TIG: adjust welding current and pulse frequency
AC (pulse) TIG: adjust welding current and AC balance

Range 30m

Technical Specifications


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