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Jasic Mig Welders

Jasic Mig Welders


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Jasic MIG 160 (Multi Process)

 Jasic MIG 160 Multi Process Welder Key Features:Single PCB compact welding inve..

£898.00 £628.60 (ex.VAT)

Jasic MIG 200 (Multi Process)

 Jasic MIG 200 Multi Process Welder Key Features:Single PCB compact welding inve..

£1,115.00 £780.50 (ex.VAT)

Jasic MIG 200 Inverter Compact

Key FeaturesHigh performance Compact MIG/MAG/MMA InverterAdvanced control circuitryDigital Amps..

£1,325.00 £927.50 (ex.VAT)

Jasic MIG 200 Multi Process PFC

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£1,290.00 £903.00 (ex.VAT)

Jasic MIG 200 Synergic (Multi Process)

 Jasic MIG 200 Synergic Multi Process Welder Key Features:Synergic control ..

£1,260.00 £882.00 (ex.VAT)

Jasic MIG 250 Inverter Compact

The all-new Jasic MIG 250 MIG Compact inverter welder is equipped with powerful IGBT compo..

£1,435.00 £1,004.50 (ex.VAT)

Jasic MIG 250 Pulse Compact Inverter

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£2,160.00 £1,512.00 (ex.VAT)

Jasic MIG 350 Inverter Compact

Jasic MIG 350 Inverter Compact Key Features:Multi function inverter: MIG, MMA and gasless, flux..

£2,150.00 £1,505.00 (ex.VAT)

Jasic MIG 350 Separate (Multi Process)

Jasic MIG 350 Multi Process Separate  Key Features:Suitable for 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2..

£2,855.00 £1,998.50 (ex.VAT)

Jasic MIG 350P Double Pulse Separate (Water Cooled)

Jasic MIG 350P Double Pulse Separate Water Cooled   Key Features:IGBT multi..

£5,695.00 £3,986.50 (ex.VAT)

Jasic MIG 450 Separate (Multi Process)

Jasic MIG 450 Multi Process SeparateKey Features:Suitable for 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2mm wire..

£3,390.00 £2,373.00 (ex.VAT)

Jasic MIG 452S Multi Process Separate Water Cooled

Inverter Features​​IGBT MIG/MAG MMA inverter welderDigital amp and VoltmeterHigh duty cycle4 Roll wi..

£4,150.00 £2,905.00 (ex.VAT)

Jasic MIG 500S Inverter Water Cooled Package

Inverter Features​​IGBT multi-process inverter welderDSP digital technology for optimum weld pe..

£6,295.00 £4,406.50 (ex.VAT)