Hobbyweld PLUS Argon GAS 20L (230 Bar)


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Product Description

Hobbyweld PLUS Argon GAS 20L (230 Bar)

Plus cylinders are our mid-sized product, offering significantly increased contents, suited to a higher volume user. Featuring a heavy-duty metal valve guard with comfortable grip, making it both tough and easy to handle.

  1. Tough and sturdy
  2. A high 230 bar fill pressure
  3. Great value gas refills
  4. Standard valve (regulator required)
  5. Equivalent to 3.6 Original cylinders

Argon is generally used when TIG welding stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminium – it can also be used on a MIG welder for aluminium and alloys in conjunction with the correct MIG wire. For more suitable MIG gases.

Argon is typically suitable for most TIG welding applications providing a capability of welding at any depth.

Deposit would need to be purchased for new cylinders
Hobbyweld Deposit Only For PLUS 20 Litre Cylinders – SPA Welding Supplies

Technical Specifications


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