Hobbyweld Oxygen 20 Litre ULTRA Gas Cylinder


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Product Description

Oxygen is commonly and traditionally used with a fuel gas (acetylene, propane or propylene) for cutting, welding, brazing and soldering.

This supports the combustion of these gases and enables a much higher flame temperature to be achieved in comparison with air.

Our oxygen cylinders are filled from a bulk tank which ensures optimum purity, a 1% reduction in purity can increase consumption of oxygen by 20% or more, so you can see the benefits of a professionally filled gas bottle.

Cylinder Outlet

Water CapacityVolumeGas PressureHeight


EN 561 Quick-Action

20 Litre4.82m3230 Bar





Please only order this item if you are located in East or West Sussex where we deliver/collect in our own vehicles.
Cylinders may be Collected in person from our Lancing Branch.

If you are purchasing a new Hobbyweld Gas Bottle you will need to purchase the DEPOSIT as well as the GAS.
Click here to purchase the DEPOSIT for this bottle.

If you already have a Hobbyweld bottle and would just like it refilled you only need to purchase the GAS.

Technical Specifications


Hobbyweld Oxygen Gas Sales Literature

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