Hobbyweld Acetylene 10 Litre PLUS Gas Cylinder


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Product Description

Hobbyweld Acetylene 10 Litre PLUS Gas Cylinder

Acetylene is the hottest and most efficient fuel gas on the market, making it the preferred product for many applications.

It is also the only fuel gas hot enough to weld steel. When using our oxygen and acetylene together, flame temperatures can reach an amazing 3500°C (6330°F).

You will typically use between 2 to 3 times the amount of oxygen as you would acetylene so don’t let the smaller size of our cylinder put you off. Using a number 5 welding nozzle with this gas cylinder will typically provide over 5 hours of welding time.

This gas becoming increasingly difficult to source for the small user. Hobbyweld now have the rent-free answer!

Cylinder Outlet

Water Capacity Volume Tare Weight Height


5/8″ BSP LH Female

10 Litre 1.77m3 19.2kg





Please only order this item if you are located in East or West Sussex where we deliver/collect in our own vehicles.
Cylinders may be Collected in person from our Lancing Branch.

If you are purchasing a new Hobbyweld Gas Bottle you will need to purchase the DEPOSIT as well as the GAS.
Click here to purchase the DEPOSIT for this bottle.

If you already have a Hobbyweld bottle and would just like it refilled you only need to purchase the GAS.

Technical Specifications


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