HMT VersaDrive V35 PIPE Magnet Drill (850035-T) 240v


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Product Description

Holemaker Technology VersaDrive V35 Pipe Magnet Drill offers all the advantages of the standard V35 with the added benefit of a pipe compatible magnetic base.

Two switched permanent magnets are secured to swivelling mounting points and can be positioned as needed, allowing use on tubes and piping with a minimum diameter of 76.2mm. This also allows use on many contoured surfaces and internal use on large pipes.

Magnets can also be positioned horizontally to use as a standard machine on flat surfaces, making the V35 Pipe drill the most versatile compact machine on the market.

Supplied with STAKIT Base case, VersaDrive Rapid-Lock adapter, handles, restraint strap, heavy duty metal guard & coolant fed arbor.

Technical Specifications

  • LENGTH – 275mm
  • WIDTH (Inc. handles) – 185mm
  • HEIGHT (Min-Max) – 330 -470mm
  • WEIGHT – 10.5kg
  • Magnet (LxWxH) – 187 x 165 x 83mm
  • Magnet Adhesion – 532kg
  • Voltage – 240v


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