HMT Max-30 Tube Pipe Clamp Magnetic Drill

HMT Max-30 Tube Pipe Clamp Magnetic Drill

The Max-30 Tube is a completely unique Magnet Drill in that the the magnets do not require electricity, so all of the power goes to the motor. With patented shallow-field magnetic technology that offers incredibly strong grip, even on steel as thin as 3 mm. The patent-pending base automatically pivots to clamp exactly to any pipe diameter Ø 75 mm or larger.  This also offers increased safety as the tool will not release from the target material in the event of an unintentional power loss. With a high speed 900W power the Max-30 TUBE cuts holes between 12 and 30 mm diameter quickly and easily. Will also secure to flat surfaces.

Suitable for use on pipe 75mm diameter and larger.

• No electricity required for magnetic base
• Unique flexible features for pipes of various sizes
• Two separate magnets which allows the machine to swing away for hole 
  inspection & debris removal without losing position
• No special attachments needed to accommodate flat or curved surfaces
• Highly stable wide stance
• Direct spindle drive

  • Brand: HMT
  • Product Code: HMT Max30 Pipe
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  • £1,365.00

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