GYS Powerduction 10R 230V


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Product Description

The POWERDUCTION 10R is designed to heat, unlock to enable the removal of mechanical parts, such as worn nuts and bolts, in just seconds. It is specifically recommended for automotive, agricultural, maintenance and metal construction work.

  • Instant and flame-less heat can be applied to a specific area; it can be used close to cables, pipes or other heat-sensitive objects, avoiding the need to disassemble / remove them.
  • Lightweight: weighing in at just 3.5 kg (only 1.3 kg for the inductor alone).
  • Ergonomic: equipped with a shoulder strap
  • Easy to use: uses a standard, 230 V / single-phase power supply.
  • Quick start: select and install the inductor, connect and go.
  • 1,200 W of output power with a high duty cycle:
  • The five-piece inductor range allows the user to adjust the heat for different applications; this makes it suitable for all shapes and access constraints.
  • Changing the inductor is very easy due to a simple wheel-clamping system.

Consumables include:


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