Geka 63 Hard Facing Electrodes 3.2mm 4kg


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Product Description

The GeKa ELHARD 63 special coated high chromium carbide electrode used for hardfacing operations, providing maximum resistance to extreme mineral abrasion.

 Features and Applications

Special coating, high-chromium carbide electrode for hardfacing operations to provide maximum resistance to extreme mineral abrasion

A typical application is stringer beads on earth moving, cement mill and brick making equipment

Weld metal efficiency is ~ % 220.

Re-drying : 300°C-350°C / min. 2h

Standards Current Type
EN 14700 – E Z Fe 14 D.C. (+) (-) / A.C.
AWS A5.13 – E FeCr-A8


Chemical Composition of Weld Metal % (Typical)
C Cr Si Mn
4.5 34.0 1.0 0.5


Mechanical Properties
Weld Metal Hardness (HRC)


Welding Positions

Technical Specifications

Diameter 3.2mm
Length 350mm
Weight 4.0kg


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