Geka 350 Hard Facing Electrodes 5.0mm 6kg


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Product Description

Coated electrode with machinable deposits. Good arc characteristics with low spatter levels. Typically used for alloyed frogs, tractor rolls, idlers, links and drive sprockets as it gives wear resistant surfacing.

Features and Applications

Basic-coated electrode

Wear resistant surfacing on Mn-Cr-V alloyed frogs, track rollers, idlers, tracks, slideways and drive sprockets

The deposits are machinable

Requirement of re-drying for min. 2 hours at temperatures of 300°C

Standards Current Type
EN 14700 – E Fe 1 D.C. (+)
DIN 8555 – E1-UM-350


Chemical Composition of Weld Metal % (Typical)
C Cr Si Mn
0.17 2.0 0.8 1.5


Mechanical Properties
Weld Metal Hardness (HB)
330 – 380


Welding Positions

Technical Specifications

Diameter 5.0mm
Length 450mm
Weight 6.0kg


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