ESAB Spraymaster V450 Euro 15ft Mig Torch


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Product Description


Velocity™ Consumables with new ground-breaking innovation inspired by welders for welders.

Solid Copper Conductor Path with fewer connections for optimized electrical surface contact.

Fewer Consumable Parts mean less complexity and lower cost of ownership. Gas Ported Velocity
Contact Tips stay cooler and last longer.

Extended Length Trigger allows welders to adjust their grip for access, comfort and to avoid
radiated heat.

Easy to Use Velocity Tips eliminates threads and requires no tools. Tips can be Rotated to prolong
life requiring fewer changes.

Excellent Wire Feedability with centered liner.

Superior Welding Performance from a smoother, more stable arc.

Compact, Ergonomic Handle Design is balanced to pivot at the center of the handle for ease of use,
thereby reducing operator fatigue.

Front and Rear Steel Spring Strain Relief provides support to the Cablehoz® coming out of the rear
of the handle and minimizes wire feed issues. Split Handle Case provides access for ease of repairs in the field.

Durable, Metal-Jacketed, Three-Layer Conductor Tube rotates easily for different welding positions
and lowers heat in the front end.

Crimped Front Cablehoz Connection for improved electrical conductivity.

Designed for Spray and Pulse transfer modes, maintains the copper needed for high duty cycle welding.

Technical Specifications


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