ESAB Sentinel A60 Welding Helmet


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Product Description

ESAB Sentinel A60 welding helmet is taking your welding to the next level with a huge panoramic view and perfect 1/1/1/1 EN optical clarity. Now you’ll have an even wider view of the weld pool without any distortion.

The reengineered auto-darkening filter (ADF) features a new OpTCS™ broad-spectrum light control technology from ESAB. This delivers an enhanced True Color view with reduced eye fatigue for the most demanding days on the job. New 0.5 increment shade adjustments give you more precise control of your view.

The signature shell design of Sentinel, fully-adjustable Halo™ headgear, and external grind mode button complete the most comfortable, highest performance helmet ESAB has ever produced.


  • ADF viewing area: 118 x 71 mm (4.65 x 2.80 in.) and intuitive internal ADF controls including sensitivity and delay
  • Shade range: DIN 3/5–13, adjustable in 0.5 increments and ADF a shade lock setting
  • ESAB OpTCS True Color Lens Technology
  • On-board memory for up to 9 settings
  • Arc sensors: 4
  • Fast switching time of 0.08 millisecond
  • Replaceable CR2450 battery
  • Low battery, grind mode and shade lock LEDs


  • Grinding
  • Oxy-Fuel Cutting
  • Plasma Cutting
  • GTAW (TIG)
  • PAW – Plasma Arc Welding
  • SMAW/MMA (Stick)

Spare Parts

Technical Specifications

Viewing Area 4.65 x 2.80 in. (118 x 71 mm)
ADF Lens Shade Inactive: 3 Active: 5–13, adjustable in .5 increments
EN Optical Class 1/1/1/1
Arc Sensors 4
External Grind Mode Button Yes, shade 3
True Color Viewing Yes
ADF Memory Settings 9, user programmable
Headgear HALO™ comfort harness, infinitely adjustable
Shade-Lock Control Yes, allows user to override ADF to keep helmet in darkest shade
Power Supply Solar cell + 2 replaceable CR2450 lithium batteries. Low battery alarm.
Switch Time, Light to Dark .04 ms
Delay Time, Dark to Light .1–.9 s, adjustable
Sensitivity Low–high, adjustable
UV/IR Eye Protection Maximum throughout entire shade range
Approvals CE: EN175, EN379, EN166; ANSI Z87.1; CSA Z94.3; AS/NZS 1337.1, 1338.1; TP TC 019/2011; ISO 16321-1/2
Warranty 3 years (excluding battery)


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