ESAB Rustler EM 251C PRO MIG 230V


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Product Description

ESAB Rustler EM 251C PRO MIG 230V

ESAB Rustler MIG PRO compact welding inverters are your solution of choice for the most common welding challenges. Equipped with the latest inverter technology, they combine low energy consumption with optimized welding performance.

Rustler is ready to weld most common base materials with optimized arc programs for carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brazing and flux-cored wires. Smooth wire feed is delivered by a robust and reliable 4WD feeding mechanism. The synergic model allows operation by setting the material thickness to achieve perfectly balanced welding parameters, allowing even less experienced welders to produce optimal welds.

The reliable housing is further enhanced with a flexible accessories storage system, allowing users to store and protect additional tools as needed. Additional features include inspection window, internally lit-up compartment, torch holder and cable management for an efficient and comfortable working environment.

  • Produce more with a high output current and duty cycle
  • Intuitive panel for easy set up.
  • Durable housing with flexible accessories storage makes machine an easy to move
  • Inspection window and light in the compartment for better visibility and less downtime.
  • Superb arc characteristics, optimized for most common base materials results in less
    post-weld rework
  • Built-in MMA welding mode gives flexibility to weld different types of base materials.
  • Quick, tool-less polarity change on the front of

Comes with, Binzel type Mig Torch, Earth Clamp, Regulator and Tool Box.

Industrial and General Fabrication

  • Steel Fabrication
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Automotive

Technical Specifications

Model: Rustler EM 251C PRO
Mains Voltage: 230 V ± 15%.1 Ph.50/60 Hz
Welding Output MIG: 250 A @ 35%
Welding Output MMA: 220 A @ 35%
Setting Range MIG: 30A / 15.5V – 250A / 26.5V
Setting Range MMA: 20A / 20.8V – 220A /28.8V
Wire feed speed range: 1.5 – 18 m/min
Primary Current I max MIG/MAG: 35 A
Primary Current I max MMA: 31.5 A
Enclosure Class: IP23
Idle Power: < 50W
Mains Cable Ø: 3Gx4 mm2. 4m
Operating Temperature: -10 to +40 °C (+14 to +104 °F)
Certification Mark (Standards): CE / UKCA
Dimensions: 952 × 485 × 716 mm
Weight: 47 kg



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MIG Synergicx
Spot Weldingxx
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Creep Startxx
Crater Fillxx
Post Flowxx
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