ESAB Rebel EMP 320ic


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Product Description

The industrial, true multi-process machines that combine power and mobility. These compact and lightweight systems offer flexibility in any fabrication environment. Designed for productivity and reliability, the 4-wheel wire feed system provides high and consistent weld quality regardless of the material being welded.

The EMP 320ic, with a maximum output of 350 Amps is the ideal universal welding system capable of running all 1.2 mm solid and flux-core wires with a high duty cycle.

Automatically adaptive start parameters provide distinct and precise starts every time, regardless of
wire type and dimension.

An extremely user-friendly and multilingual TFT display incorporates spare parts lists and weld parameter guides for all processes.

Weighing in at 31.4 kg, the machine can be lifted manually or transported on a trolley to provide
unmatched mobility.

A high duty cycle combined with a robust 4-wheel wire feed system offers both high speed and torque, making it the perfect tool for the most demanding jobs.

The innovative smart-MIG feature dynamically monitors the arc characteristics by adapting to your technique, resulting in a smooth, stable arc. Just set wire diameter, material and plate thickness, and you are ready to weld.

Achieve full MMA performance with electrodes up to 5 mm and excellent Lift TIG performance with adjustable pre/post gas flow and weld current ramp up/down.

Two gas inlets, one for MIG and one for TIG, can be connected simultaneously. A built-in TIG gas solenoid valve on the front of the machine eliminates the need for a manual valve on the TIG torch.

Welding Processes

  • SMAW/MMA (Stick)
  • FCAW (Flux Core)

Delivery Includes:
360 MIG Torch 3 Metre.
Electrode holder and Earth return cable kits.
4.5 m Gas hose with quick connector.
Contact tips.
Drive Rollers.

Options & Accessories
TIG Torch SR-B26, 4 m (8 pin connection) 0700025580
TIG Foot Control incl. 4,5 m cable W4014450
ESAB 2-Wheel Trolley 0700300872

Spares & Consumables
Rebel Aluminium 1.0mm/1.2mm 3 Metre Liner
Rebel Aluminium Roller 1.0/1.2mm 0369557006
Rebel Aluminium Roller 0.8/1.0mm 0369557011
Rebel Steel Roller 0.6/0.8mm 0369557001
Rebel Steel Roller 0.8/1.0mm 0369557002
Rebel Steel Roller 1.0/1.2mm 0369557003
Rebel Aluminium Outlet Guide 0464660880
Rebel Gas Nozzle Conical
Rebel Contact Tips 0.8mm
Rebel Contact Tips 1.0mm
Rebel Contact Tips 1.2mm
Rebel Steel 1.0mm/1.2mm Liner 3 Metre

Technical Specifications

  • Primary Voltage 400 VAC
  • Supply Voltage Range 360 – 440 VAC
  • Number of Phases 3 ph
  • Supply Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Supply Plug CEE16A plug
  • Mains Cable 3 m 4×2.5 mm2
  • Maximum Output 350 A
  • MIG Welding Output
    40% Duty Cycle 320 A / 30.0 V
    60% Duty Cycle 265 A / 27.3 V
    100% Duty Cycle 200 A / 24.0 V
  • MMA Welding Output
    40% Duty Cycle 300 A / 32.0 V
    60% Duty Cycle 255 A / 30.2 V
    100% Duty Cycle 180 A / 27.2 V
  • TIG Welding Output
    40% Duty Cycle 320 A / 22.8 V
    60% Duty Cycle 265 A / 20.6 V
    100% Duty Cycle 200 A / 18.8 V
  • Wire Feed Speed Range 2.0 – 20.3 m/min
  • Wire Diameter Range:
    Mild Steel 0.8 –1.4 mm
    Stainless Steel 0.8 –1.4 mm
    Flux Cored 0.8 –1.6 mm
    Aluminium 1.0 –1.2 mm
  • Wire Spool Size 200 mm, 300 mm
  • Approvals CE: IEC/EN 60974-1, 5, 7, 10, 12 & 13. RoHS
  • Protection Class IP23S
  • Power Source Dimensions, Lx W x H 686 x 292 x 495 mm
  • Power Source Weight 31,4 kg


Rebel 320 Technical Specifications Rebel Family Brochure
Rebel 320 Instruction Manual

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