ESAB OK Tubrod 15.17 1.2mm 16kg


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Product Description

ESAB OK Tubrod 15.17 is an positional rutile cored wire for use with Ar/Co2 Mix 20% gas, providing very good toughness down to -40°C. The 1.2mm diameter is all-positional except vertical down.

Technical Specifications


ABS : 3YSA H5 (C1)
ABS : 3YSA H5 (M21)
BV : SA3YM (M21)
BV : SA3YM HH (C1)
CE : EN 13479
DB : 42.039.26 (M21 and C1)
DNV-GL : IV Y46MS H5 (M21)
LR : 3YS H5 (C1)
LR : 4Y46S H5 (M21)
NAKS/HAKC : 1.2 mm
RINA : 4Y46 S H5 (M21)
RS : 4YMS H5 (M21)
RS : 4YMS H10 (M21)
VdTÜV : 05198


SFA/AWS A5.29 : E81T1-Ni1MJ
SFA/AWS A5.29 : E81T1-Ni1CJ H4
EN ISO 17632-A : T 46 3 1Ni P C1 2 H5
EN ISO 17632-A : T 46 4 1Ni P M21 2 H5


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