ESAB G50 Helmet Air with EPR-X1 PAPR Unit c/w Free Bag


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Product Description

ESAB G50 is a combined welding and grinding helmet of which the G40 houses a passive mineral glass and the G50 houses an ADF Automatic Darkening Filter, shade levels DIN 9-13, and with flip-up visor. The large plastic lens gives the welder an unobstructed field of view when the visor is flipped up. The helmets are rated B in the impact resistance classification, which means they are approved for grinding.

  • Lightweight shell
  • Automatic / fix shade options
  • Large inner grinding visor (clear)
  • Comfort headgear
  • Respiratory option with ESAB PAPR


G50 for Air welding helmet package includes

Optional Extras


Technical Specifications

  • Viewing Area 97 x 47 mm
  • Lens Shade 9-13 Automatic
  • Power Supply Solar cell, no battery change
  • Standards EN12941 Class TH3 P R SL
  • Classification 1/1/1/2
  • Weight Air Version Helmet 890 g

Motor Unit

  • Air Flow 170 – 220 l/min (6 – 7.8 cfm)
  • Battery Time Up to 6h @ 220 l/min (7.8 cfm)
  • Filter P3 filter and pre-filter
  • Certifications CE EN12941
  • Dimensions LxWxH 185 x 100 x 160 mm (7.3 x 4 x 6.3 in.)
  • Weight 1 kg (2.2 lbs)


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