ESAB FE300 Series Single Stage Acet 1.5 2G 1S Regulator


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Product Description

ESAB FE300 is the reliable partner of each user in the welding workshop. It will never make the operator disappointed leaving him without a proper gas supply. By its performance, it covers the majority of all industrial gas applications with gas cylinder use. It protects the surrounding area by keeping it insulated from the high gas pressure and supplying only the wished amount of the gas at pressure adjusted by a user. Variants with side entry, bottom entry, pressure gauges, and flow meter fulfil all the requested tasks. Cylinder regulator FE300 is made in Europe. It has been created to help make the production process safe and efficient.


• High-performance regulator following all common technical gas applications needs.
• Safety focused design following ISO 2503.
• Prolonged lifetime saving costs related to services, spares and replacements.
• Encapsulated regulating technology for precise and stable control.
• Easy handling for the operator by ergonomic arrangement.
• Side and Bottom entry design variants fit on all types of cylinder valves.
• Three scale pressure gauges acc. to ISO 5171 with high contrast pointer for better gas pressure clarity.
• Made in Europe.

Technical Specifications

Gas: Acetylene
Body: Brass forged
Bonnet: Zn/Al alloy Die Cast
Stems, nuts and fittings: Brass
Diaphragm: EPDM
Seat sealing: PA
Inlet/ Outlet connection: 5/8 BSP & 3/8 BSP
Maximal inlet pressure: 25 bar
Outlet pressure/ flow range: 1.5 bar
Weight Approx. according to gas variant: 1,9 kg





ESAB FE300 Gas Reg Datasheet

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