Dronco 115mm Polishing Disc Set


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Product Description

Introducing the G-VA Polishing Flap Disc Set, providing 3x 115mm flap discs & 2x compound bars for the processing of stainless steel from start to finish. In the blister pack contains:

1x G-VA Coarse Flap Disc

1x G-VA Fine Flap Disc

1x G-VA Felt Flap Disc

1x 110gr Bar Blue Compound

1x 110gr Bar White Compound

To start, process the work piece with the coarse G-VA Polishing flap disc followed by medium and fine.
The Gloss Polishing flap disc is always used with a corresponding polishing compound.

Step 1: Start with a pre-polishing compound (e.g. white by Unipol).
Step 2: Use a new Polishing flap disc with a high-gloss polishing compound (e.g. blue by Unipol) in order to obtain a high-gloss surface.

For the polishing of aluminium and non-ferrous metals, use a polishing compound especially for these materials (e.g. brown by Unipol).
With a reduced working speed of 4.500 rpm, better polishing results are achieved than with the angle grinder at full speed.

Technical Specifications


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