ESAB Arcair SLICE Complete Pack 220V


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Product Description

ESAB Arcair SLICE Complete Pack 220V

Go anywhere and cut, burn, or pierce virtually any metallic, non-metallic or composite material with this exothermic cutting pack.
A self-contained cutting system lends itself well to the emergency / forced entry type cutting situations where seconds count.

  • Improved torch handle & rubber shield to improve
    the operators grip and provide protection from
    molten spray when piercing.
  • Improved striker assembly that incorporates a slide
    mechanism that allows the operator to only expose a
    small portion of the ignition bar (copper) which
    increases the life of the striker copper bar.
  • Improved battery box with improved features over
    prior model
    – Faster recharging of a “dead” battery
    – Better visual “gas gauge” indicating battery condition
    – Over-charging safe guard

Technical Specifications


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