Ambersil Workshop Hand Cleaner With Pump Dispenser 3.8 Litre


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Product Description


Hand Cleaner Plus is a professional grade, solvent-free hand cleaner that easily removes a wide range of common engineering soiling types: heavy grease deposits, lubricants, cutting fluid, hydraulic and gear oils, tar, paint, inks and more from hands.

• Its environmentally friendly* (biodegradable) micro-abrasives provide a deep-cleaning scrub combined with the natural cleaning power of citrus for quick and effective hand cleaning.
• With added Jojoba and Aloe Vera for skin moisture replenishment, as well as a natural pH of 8; Hand Cleaner Plus also helps combats occupational dermatitis.
• *EEC directive 73/404/EEC and 648/2004/EC
• Hand Cleaner Plus is supplied in a highly economical 3.8L pack size with integrated pump dispenser.

Technical Specifications


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