HMT Tungsten Carbide MultiSink 40mm, 90?


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Product Description


The CarbideMax MultiSink Tool is the Tungsten Carbide Tipped version of the unique HMT combination countersinking tool. Specifically designed for countersinking Inox and the hardest structural steels.

The tool allows the user to combine the multisink with the VersaDrive product range to Broach & Countersink, Drill & Countersink, Tap & Countersink or even Drill, Tap & Countersink in one operation – providing huge time-saving benefits.

Product Benefits

  • Innovative Combination Countersinking Tool
  • Save Time Completing Countersunk Holes
  • Broach & Countersink in one operation
  • Drill & Countersink in one operation
  • Tap & Countersink in one operation
  • Drill-Tap & Countersink in one operation
  • Designed for Inox and the hardest structural steels

Quick Guide

  • To Tap & Countersink or Drill, Tap and Countersink requires a Magnet Drill with variable speed and reverse features
  • For predrilled holes the MultiSink should always be used with a pilot to avoid damage
  • When using to drill or broach & countersink it is important to use the correct RPM for each separate operation
  • When used for multiple operations eg Drill/Tap/ Countersink, the correct RPM should be used for each separate operation
  • Refer to the full technical data sheets at the back of the brochure for more details and RPM information

Technical Specifications


HMT MultiSink Sales Literature

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