3M Peltor Optime III Ear Defender With Head Support


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Product Description

Super-muff developed for use in extremely noisy environments Protection is based on a technology with a double casing that minimizes resonance in the holder casing. This results in maximum high-frequency muffling, while at the same time its still easy to understand speech and signals. An acoustic connection between the inner volume and the volume between the casings in its turn provides maximum low-frequency muffling. The sealing rings are broad and filled with soft plastic foam for the best fit and low contact pressure. Effective protection and best comfort are the hallmarks of Optime III.

  • Maximum high and low frequency muffling
  • Even pressure distribution via unique 2-point attachment
  • Height adjustment and flexible adaption to size and shape of head
  • Fluid and foam filled sealing rings
  • Comfort during long term wear

Technical Specifications


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