3M Cubitron II 967A Flap Disc 115mm x 22 P60 Pack of 10


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Product Description

  • Engineered to cut faster and last longer than competitive ceramic products with 3M Precision Shaped Grain.
  • Cool operating temperature decreases metal discolouration/oxidation and heat related stress cracks.
  • Flap discs grind and blend in a single step meaning they can replace bonded wheels and fibre discs.
  • Durable Y-weight poly-cotton backing delivers controlled even wear allowing full use on low to medium-high pressure applications.
  • Incorporated grinding aid reduces grinding temperatures on heat sensitive alloys increasing longevity.
  • Offers a great balance of fast cut and long life.

3M™ Cubitron™ II Flap Disc 967A delivers superior cut rates in low to medium-high pressure applications. Our discs are ideal for flat surfaces or outside edgework, especially where final finish and gouge resistance are important.

Use 3M™ Cubitron™ II Flap Disc 967A for improved cut rates and a flexible flap construction which enables grinding and blending in a single step. Our flap discs feature 3M Precision Shaped Grain which generates an exceptionally high cut rate with less pressure. This grain forms into triangular points that slice through metal rather than gouging or ploughing like traditional abrasives. These points continuously self-sharpen as they fracture, generating an extremely fast cut. This allows operators to finish tough tasks including weld grinding, rust removal, edge grinding, blending and deburring with less fatigue. The heat activated grinding aid on the discs makes this an outstanding product for all types of metals. This aid keep the disc cooler on stainless steel and heat sensitive metals such as nickel alloys or titanium, reducing metal discolouration and oxidation as well as the chance of heat related stress cracks. A uniquely designed heavy Y-weight poly-cotton backing enables controlled, even wear with no premature dulling or glazing. This allows operators to achieve more output per disc. Flap discs are three-dimensional grinding discs with overlapping layers of abrasive coated, fibre reinforced flaps that fan out from a central hub. As the overlapping layers of the flaps wear away, they continuously expose fresh abrasive mineral for a fast and consistent cut, while the cushioning of the flaps creates a smooth finish. Under normal conditions our flap discs will generate a finish that is one grade finer than the finish of a fibre disc of the same grade. Their overlapping construction allows more abrasive material to be loaded onto the cutting surface meaning they far outlast typical discs. This is why our discs greatly improve productivity in grinding operations. These discs perform two tasks in one, as they grind and finish in a single step, meaning they can replace bonded wheels and fibre discs. They are a useful time and cost-saving solution in a wide

Suggested Applications
Use for weld grinding, deburring, rust removal, edge grinding and blending

Technical Specifications


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