36EZ Modular Inverter Spot Welder c/w 700daN “C”


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Product Description

Resistance welding system controlled by a microprocessor, fully automatic, suitable for use in car body shop applications.

The welding control unit uses a digital display with touch screen function and allows setting and monitoring all welding parameters according to the tools and according to the type and thickness of the sheets to be welded.

Main features of this welding equipment can be summed up as follows: automatic identification of the connected tools; welding gun with integrated transformer enabling the connection to the welding system through an industrial socket and a set of quick fittings, thus allowing to avoid spanners, tools or screws for its replacement; welding gun main components i.e. transformer, arms, electrodes fully cooled by a closed loop cooling system, mounted on the cart of the system itself.

The welding transformer is fully designed and produced by TECNA. Integrated in the welding gun, it is fully water-cooled to optimise productivity and increase the duty cycle.

The water cooling system with heat exchanger affects the transformer, the arms and the electrodes so to further increase the productivity of the equipment.

The working pressure is set by a proportional valve, which allows a quick, accurate and continuous adjustment of the parameters.

This ensures better quality and repeatability of the welded spots. The integrated pressure bottle maintains constant pressure also in case of supply variations during welding.

The supporting arm includes a balancer produced by Tecna, designed and sized for a safe and comfortable operation in workshop environments.

The station is ergonomic, compact and stable thanks to the extension capability of the front wheels; it is provided with a proper arm-holder in the rear position and a wide upper tray to carry tools; the handles are suitably designed for easy handling.

Technical Specifications

Input voltage: 400V

Fuse (delayed action): 25-32A

Maximum secondary current 14kA

Max. electrode force: 700 daN

Protection insulation class: IP21

Weight: 140Kg



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