A restraint lanyard is used to restrict the worker's movement to prevent him reaching a locati..

Feature 2 point harness (dorsal D ring and frontal webbing loops), with fast ..

Low-profile design maximizes field of vision. Fits easily under most welding helmets and safety viso..

3M Peltor Ear Defender Optime II HeadbandProtection Level: 94dB(A) - 105dB(A)Attenuation Rating..

3M Peltor Ear Defender Optime II 2 NeckbandProtection Level: 94dB(A) - 105dB(A)Attenuation Rating (S..

Stainless steel filler rod, niobium stabilised to prevent weld decay, giving excellent corrosion res..

AFN Sheet Cutting Nozzles to Suit Lightweight Cutting Torch. Oxy/Acet..

  Technical Data: Cutter Dimension:Ø 12-35 mm Cutting Depth:50 Twist D..

 Foot control to suit the Heliarc range. ..
£415.65 £270.17

Footswitch for use with both Murex Tradestig 220/220a and Esab Caddytig 2200i with TA34 panel. ..
£662.01 £430.31

The G-Tech Handy is an easy to use tungsten electrode grinder. The grinding angle can be adjusted..
£876.60 £613.62

The ESAB G-Tech is a tungsten-electrode grinder with a unique enclosed wet-grinding system. A wet..
£1,753.33 £1,227.33

 ** IN STOCK **Renegade ES 300i is an inverter based MMA/Stick and LiveTIG machine wi..
£2,994.00 £1,946.10